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Create the Impact You Desire! 

Create the Impact You Desire! 
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Augusta Horsey Nash, Master Certified Coach
Augusta Horsey Nash
Master Coach
Executive Coaching

Create the IMPACT YOU DESIRE rather than impact by default.
Impact by default creates stress for you and distress for others.

             REACTION  -- imperative for physical survival.

             RESPONSE  -- imperative for professional success. 

             IMPACT your professional survival and success ... 

​                     SHIFT  from  React  2  Respond

What drives your behavior --
Needs or Values?

​It can be like hitting yourself -- 
over and over ...

Perhaps you don't yet know the impact you WANT to have or you may NOT be having the impact you think you are. 

Call or email me so we can schedule a confidential time to explore whether or not the Shift from React 2 Respond 
is right for you.