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Create the Impact You Desire! 

Create the Impact You Desire! 
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Augusta Horsey Nash, Master Certified Coach
Augusta Horsey Nash
Master Coach
Executive Coaching
Lunch & Learn
  • A one-hour overview of the principles of shifting reaction to response focusing on reaction--its impact on the individual and on others.  
  • It includes  information, exploration, next steps.

I provide a safe, confidential, practical forum for strategic and tactical movement--an environment so that the client moves forward with self-confidence, self-awareness and self-respect--in all my work!

The work is guided by a multi-layered process to determine your default reaction, your values behind that reaction (what you are protecting/defending), how to manage your default and promote the impact you desire to have.  Each layer is defined intellectually and also through language, energy and body disposition.

Below are multiple venues offered for this work:
Workshop Series
  • A series of three, 3-hour workshops to explore default reactions/impact on others, discover desired impact, practice new behaviors, create a development plan.
  • This series is accompanied by a workbook, field/homework, plus a 30-minute, private professional coaching call to support integration.

Customized Programs
  • If a group or team has specific criteria and goals, I will work with you to create your unique solution using this process. 
Group  Coaching
  • Group professional coaching calls/webinar (minimum of 6/maximum of 12 participants) guided by the workbook, field/homework and conversation.